Current Campaigns

Stop the Badger Cull


Animal Rights Cambridge is maintaining a presence in the badger cull zones. We are working together with other groups, local and national, to stop the cull. We also organise rallies to raise public awareness and show the government that there is serious opposition to the cull.

Fur-Free Cambridge


Lobster Liberation Campaign


Sick 2 Death

white mouse
Our Sick 2 Death campaign seeks to raise awareness about the use of genetically-modified (GM) mice in scientific experiments and the terrible suffering these animals endure even before the experiments start.

Mice are intelligent and complex small mammals who feel pain in a comparable way to people. Their rich emotional lives encompass excitement, pleasure in social contact and empathy for their fellows as well as fear and despair. The laboratory cages in which they live and die are alien and hostile environments replete with multiple stressors.
—quote and image from Science Corrupted Revealed: the nightmare world of GM mice, Animal Aid, February 2013

Sick 2 Death supports the work of Animal Aid, BUAV, NAVS and Safer Medicines campaign.

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