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British HeartLESS Foundation – Halloween day of Action – CAMBRIDGE

12042967_1802283003332146_6254318241736615541_nJoin the Cambridge demo for the British Heartless Foundation’s national day of action this Halloween – exposing the horrors of animal experiments carried out by BHF.

BHF abuse the generous nature and kindness of those that donate and raise money for them by using a large proportion of these monies directly to fund cruel and unnecessary animal experiments – including testing on DOGS, HORSES, SHEEP and PIGS.

Please join the demo on Halloween from 11 am Saturday 31st October  to help raise awareness and let BHF know that this is not acceptable.

Gruesome fancy dress welcomed – as it is Halloween!11224357_1802283063332140_273261042603085766_n

BHF Cambridge, 10 Burleigh Street, Cambridge, CB1 1DG


Blackmail 3 Solidarity Statement

Animal Rights Cambridge stand strongly in solidarity with the Blackmail 3. We support their determined fight for animal rights and condemn the state’s blatant attempts to silence Debbie, Natasha and Sven.
We at Animal Rights Cambridge have been active in the fight against animal cruelty and particularly HLS and Cambridge University animal laboratories for decades and we are convinced of the righteous intentions behind their actions.
Our group has been hard hit by state repression many times, but this only brings us closer together, and in greater numbers. Thus we give our unequivocal support to the Blackmail 3 in this trying time.
Debbie, Natasha and Sven, we share your grief caused by the horrendous experiments and many cruel deaths at HLS but we also share your resolve to end these atrocities.
You are not alone and we wish you well.

Barry Horne Memorial Protest – Cambridge Uni

On Tuesday, 5 November 2013 at 11:00 am, Animal Rights Cambridge will be holding a memorial protest to remember animal rights activist Barry Horne and to raise public awareness of the cruel experiments that Cambridge Uni perform on primates and other animals. The event will start outside the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge. Check our Facebook page for further information.

The fight is not for us, not for our personal wants or needs. It is for every animal that has ever suffered and died in the vivisection labs, and for every animal that will suffer and die in those same labs unless we end this evil business now. The souls of the tortured dead cry out for justice, the cry of the living is for freedom. We can create that justice and we can deliver that freedom. The animals have no-one but us, we will not fail them. — Barry Horne 1955-2001

Barry HorneMarmoset after brain surgery

Boycott Zippos Circus – Zippos still use animals!

We are calling on the public to boycott Zippos Circus that began performances on Midsummer Common, Cambridge on the 14th April 2011. While the show Zippos are bringing to Cambridge does not contain animals, Zippos still has animal acts that it parades elsewhere in the country.

Zippos is a cruel circus. It was exposed by Animal Defenders International for keeping horses in trailers for hours on end. By going to see this show, you are funding Zippos animal show too.

The RSPCA is against all circuses using animals. The RSPCA states on it’s website “We don’t believe animals should be subjected to the conditions of circus life.  Regular transport, cramped and bare temporary housing, forced training and performance, loud noises and crowds of people are all typical and often unavoidable realities for the animals.”

3 Arrested as Over 20 Protest Cambridge Fur Seller

DIGITAL CAMERAYesterday (Saturday 2nd April 2011) over 20 protesters held a protest outside Dixies Vintage market stall who are believed to be the last seller of real fur in Cambridge. Once again petition sheets were quickly filled and leaflets were handed out.

Protesters chanted ‘Fur Trade, Death Trade’. Activists spoke about the cruelty inherent in the fur industry letting the public know that animals are often gassed, electrocuted or even skinned alive.

PCSOs watched the demo for some time, then police were called. One police officer told the protesters they could be breaching Section 5 of the Harassment Act. There is no such act! The Protection from Harassment Act does however exist and Section 5 relates to Restraining Orders which are placed after conviction – so it was completely irrelevant!

Later 3 protesters were arrested for alleged breach of a Section 14 Order that the police claimed they issued at the protest. As the 3 have all been charged, little can be said about this apart from we believe them to be unlawful arrests!

The last time Cambridgeshire Police arrested members of Animal Rights Cambridge under Section 14 was in 2009 at Zippos Circus and that ended with the force paying out thousands in compensation to activists!

The activists will not be intimidated and protesters will be back until Dixies market stall goes fur free once and for all!