Cambridge against AstraZeneca Planning

A ‘record’ breaking number of campaigners turned up to watch a ‘giant mouse’ being injected followed by a candle lit vigil in Cambridge.

The visual stunt took place at the weekend in which a giant mouse “injected” a vivisector with a giant plastic syringe. Activists wearing lab coats and lab masks held up placards, chanting and leafleting the public to raise awareness about International Animal Rights Day and AstraZeneca. A candle lit vigil followed.

CAP (Cambridge against AstraZeneca Planning) and NOAV (National Operation Anti Vivisection) held the event to mark International Animal Rights Day. It was focussed on the animals destined for the new AstraZeneca headquarters and lab planned for Cambridge.

CAP and NOAV both oppose AstraZeneca’s plans to build a facility in Cambridge.

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