ARC Outreach – NAVS, The Black Fish, LUSH

ARC Outreach-May 3-2014

Today, Animal Rights Cambridge teamed up with National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS) and took to the streets to speak for animals in laboratories, helping people understand why there is no need for animals to be used in research. We had lots of chats with people, helping them see how the medical, cosmetic and household chemical industries exploit animals. We explained how horrifying the journey from birth to death is for the 4 million animals used for research in the UK every year, and showed them what they can do to help.

NAVS sent us over a hundred ‘Section 24′ petition postcards, which were snapped up by the public quicker than you can say ’empty cages’!

We also had the privilege of attending Lush CAMBRIDGE’s The Black Fish charity pot day where we learned about the desperate state of the world’s oceans and what our friends at The Black Fish are doing about it. Exciting news coming up regarding Cambridge’s involvement in marine issues…watch this space!

Thank you to all who helped on the stall, to NAVS for the materials and their continued work against vivisection. Thanks also to the fantastic Cambridge shoppers, families and passer-by who stopped to learn and think about the animals in laboratories. And to LUSH for being generally amazing, plus The Black Fish, who tirelessly speak for the animals in the globe’s oceans, and help us land-dwellers untangle the mess that we have made of them.

Until all are free!


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