Vegan Stall on Mother’s Day

On Saturday 29 March, Animal Rights Cambridge celebrated Mother’s Day with a vegan stall in central Cambridge. We had plates with chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter chocolate cookies, macaroons, cashew nut spread, empanadillas (a type of Spanish pastry) and focaccia topped with onions, courgettes and peppers. We also offered vegan cheese from Vegusto. The vegan food was handed out to people walking by to show that a more compassionate and delicious diet is possible.
We also handed out over 300 mothers’ day vegan messages to raise awareness of the plight of Britain’s Hardest Working Mothers: the farmed cows. It was very encouraging to meet people who knew about the suffering caused by breaking the maternal bond between the cow and her calf. Others were shocked to learn about the tragic and cruel fate of the male calves who are either shot or sent away in long journeys shortly after birth. Many pledged to change their diets to reflect their compassionate values. Will you take the vegan pledge?
If you would like more information about becoming vegan and about the nutritional and health benefits of a vegan diet you can visit a number of websites, including:

Check a couple of vegan recipes used for the stall.


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