Cambridge Against Live Lobster Boiling

Against Live Lobster Boiling Campaign

Yesterday, 22 Animal Rights Cambridge activists took to the streets of Cambridge to speak up for the terrible suffering and abuse of lobsters at Browns Bar & Brasserie.
We staged a marathon protest that spanned 9 hours [with a break during restaurant quiet-time], which included passer-by and customer education using information fact sheets, conversations and leaflets, we chanted with megaphones, held speeches, blew whistles, set off sirens (we were SO loud, sorry locals but you know what to do: ask Browns to end lobster abuse), and at the end of the night held a 2 minute silence in vigil of the lobsters who lost their lives that day, and for the animals around the world who also perished at the hands of humans.
The campaign will continue throughout Cambridge, at all establishments that deal in live creatures, whilst also educating the public about speciesism, animal exploitation, and veganism.
Browns staff mocked, taunted and ridiculed us, but the majority of public support was compassionate towards these poor abused creatures.
We will continue campaigning for the cessation of live beings being used in restaurants as long as the establishments insist on this horrendous and barbaric practise.


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