Animal Rights Cambridge Activists Paid 1000’s in Compensation After Illegal Arrests


Cambridgeshire Constabulary have awarded activists thousands of pounds of  compensation after arrests were made at protests against Zippos Circus last year.

Arrests were made at the time for alleged breaches of Section 14 of the Public Order Act and Obstruction of a Police Officer. The arrests were made by Sgt Jason Wragg (and one by another officer on Wragg’s behalf).

Wragg has a pretty dodgy record in Cambridge. He once told a Cambridge North Area Strategy meeting that he went around asking normal people to account for their actions if they were out late. He claimed this resulted in them staying home on subsequent evenings! Wragg also has a long history of anti-animal rights bias.

At the time of the illegal arrests, one arrestee objected to his cuffs being twisted. Wragg responded: ‘Don’t give me that I’ll fucking twist your arm if I want to!’ But Wragg’s disregard for the law didn’t pay off after compensation has had to be paid to the very activists he dislikes so vehemently.

Meanwhile protests against Zippos continue nationwide. As the RSPCA says, travelling circuses can never provide for an animals needs. Zippos Circus has been exposed by Animal Defenders International for keeping their horses in trailers without exercise for hours on end.

To give you an idea of what sort of people run Zippos it’s worth noting; Zippos employed a man who defended infamous abuse at Chipperfield’s circus in court. After watching footage of the thrashing and kicking of a baby chimpanzee he was asked “See anything which would constitute cruelty?” he replied unequivocally “No”. Asked if he would do the same he said “Yes”!

Zippos has now split into two shows, one all human act and one with animals. Zippos plans to bring it’s all human act to Cambridge in April. Because going to the shows will still be funding the disgusting animal acts Zippos are running elsewhere, activists are urging a boycott of the shows.


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