Dixie’s Vintage Stall Cambridge’s Last Fur Retailer

Anti-Fur protesters returned to Dixie’s Vintage Stall in the market square on Friday. Dixie’s is now believe to be the only retailer selling fur in Cambridge following the closure of Mook Vintage which was the target of sustained protest.

Supportive members of the public sign a petition leading to pages of petition sheets being filled by the end of the day. The stall got next to no trade as people turned away from the city’s last fur seller. The stall holders where so bothered by the truth about their business being exposed that they pretended to pack-up their stall for the day. Activists took a 15-minute break and returned when the stall re-opened!

No police officers attended this time although an aggressive Council employee, ‘City Ranger’, came and stood in the face of a female activist until another activist told him to move back. Some PCSOs also attended  but did not speak to protesters and simply pacified the stall holders.

Some other market traders and friends of the business owner were aggressive and confrontational. In sharp contrast, many members of the public were taking leaflets and signing the petition. One male associated with the stall (believed to be the son or son-in-law of the stall holder) tried to intimidate activists by standing excessively close to them and taking pictures – but to no effect. In fact, this male helped the protest as he was mistaken for a protester with one PCSO even asking ‘is he with the protesters?’.

Dixie’s Vintage knows they are losing business. The fact is that as protests increase, sales decrease. Cambridge consumers don’t want to associate with animal cruelty. The only sensible business choice for Dixie’s is to stop selling fur and concentrate on other items (such as the £400 designer coat they are currently pushing!). Dixie’s Vintage should go fur free and appeal to the hundreds of ethical consumers in Cambridge that simply walk out of any business that sells fur!


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