Public Support for Mook Vintage Fur Protesters

Please contact Mook Vintage on 01223 316001 and ask them to go fur free

Animal activists were back outside Mook Vintage, 2 King Street, Cambridge, CB1 1LN (Phone: 01223 316001), calling on the business to go fur free.

Mook Vintage Protest-02Public support was amazing with petition sheets being filled at an almost alarmingly fast rate – one activist who normally focuses on non-animal rights issues was actually shocked by the level of support from the public. Many people were angered to find out fur was being sold in their city and once again activists were offered coffee by an extra supportive member of the public.

Earlier in the week, campaigners made phone calls to the shop but got no response. Apparently Mook’s manager received so many calls from members of the public objecting to the sale of fur (since the last protest) that ‘it was becoming disruptive’! Showing his commitment to customer service he began putting the phone down to all his (actual and potential) customers that dared to mention the F(ur) word!

As Mook’s manager didn’t seem responsive to phone calls activists took the time while they were there to go in and speak to him directly. He immediately became aggressive and started pushing activists around. The campaigners calmly explained their point and left to continue protesting.

The manager saw fit to waste police time, speaking to cops not once, not twice but three times during the protest but to no particular effect apart from putting off potential customers even further from what was already a practically empty shop.

Out of the few people that when in to Mook only a few of them actually bought anything – maybe people have woken up to a Christmas without consumerism or maybe people just don’t like the cruel barbaric fur trade and Mook’s poky overpriced shop. Whatever it is, it’s gotta be a good thing!Fur Kills


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