‘Rabbits’ and ‘Vivisectors’ in Cambridge Support Boycott of Proctor & Gamble 2010

‘Rabbits’ and ‘Vivisectors’ demonstrated at ASDA and Tesco Cambridge (as well as a quick photo call at Boots) to protest the cruelty behind Proctor and Gamble’s animal tests. The activists from Animal Rights Cambridge were acting in support of the 14th International Day of Action against Proctor and Gamble (P&G) who are at the centre of a global boycott over their cruel testing of household products.P&G are responsible for a huge array of products including Herbal Essences, Ariel, Fairy, Bold and even animal food under the label Iams/Eukanuba.
The public was very receptive and all our leaflets were given out. The public don’t like animals being abused for washing up liquid – get the hint P&G!
A successful working relationship was established at Tesco where we were prevented from entering the store but security gave up requesting that activists didn’t stand in their enclosed entrance.
ASDA was, as ever, more trouble. A protester’s finger was slightly grazed by a security guard who works for British Land who owns the land around ASDA and a complaint was made. Police have informed the activist that the security man will be arrested. ASDA in Cambridge has been a problem for peaceful protesters in the past. Although we don’t tend to place much confidence in complaints to the police, it is hoped this will make the ASDA site re-think how their security response to peaceful protesters in future.


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