Cruelty companies closing sites, Cops obstruct Science Park road

After popping down to Ely to find that the Thermo Fisher building had closed down activists headed to KuDOs Pharmaceuticals that is soon to be closed by its parent company AstraZeneca.

The protesters got support from passers-by in the Science Park and reminded workers that are losing their jobs that they can get back at AstraZeneca and get support.

Police arrived and proceeded to cause an ‘obstruction of the highway with a motor vehicle’! Why they decided to park in the middle of the road without pulling over or using the numerous spaces in the KuDOs’ car park is anyone’s guess! Police van obstruct highway

KuDOs were apparently so keen to get rid of us that they lied to the cops on the phone claiming we had taken pics of their staff. We explained we had done no such thing. But companies with links to Huntingdon Life Sciences can’t expect to get rid of us until they drop the most exposed lab in the world!


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