Activists back at KuDOs Pharmaceuticals after Legal Victory!

Demo at KuDOS
Activists were back at KuDOs Pharmaceuticals which is a wholly owned subsidiary of AstraZeneca and is set for closure by the company. AstraZeneca continues to deal with the most exposed animal lab in the world Huntingdon Life Sciences. HLS have been caught on camera punching puppies in the face and testing products such as sweetener, GMOs and weed killer on animals.
Two campaigners have recently had a case dropped against them regarding a peaceful protest at KuDOs last year meaning bail conditions were removed that prevented them returning to the site. Activists were in good spirits and our point was made loud and clear to AstraZeneca – drop HLS!

Deal with HLS, Deal with us!
Deal with HLS, Deal with us!
Protesters chanted via two megaphones and spoke about how disgruntled workers, who are losing there jobs because of AstraZeneca’s plans to shut the site, can provide information to the campaign.


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