Victory: Grand Arcade Cancels Cruel ‘Easter Farm’

The Grand Arcade shopping centre in Cambridge have dropped plans to host an Easter Farm on 2nd April with live animals surrounded by shoppers. A company called Farms2Ewe had planned to bring baby bunnies, chicks, kids and lambs to entice Easter trade to the Arcade but the event was called off after the shopping centre was contacted by activists.

The animals would have been surrounded by screaming, excitable children and busy, noisy shoppers. The shopping centre were due to  put animals through a stressful journey from Newbury, Berkshire all the way to Cambridge. But after an email and phone call campaign from concerned people the event has been dropped. The Grand Arcade said in an email sent out to campaigners “in order to ensure families visiting the Grand Arcade do not suffer from any disruption we have taken the decision to cancel the event”. While it would be preferable that the Grand Arcade had cancelled the event due to the ‘disruption’ it would have caused the animals involved, this is still great news for the animals. The Grand Arcade had planned to bring baby animals into a busy shopping centre. No matter how well trained the staff may be, this event couldn’t fail to be an animal welfare disaster.

The event organisers Farms2Ewe are based in Wessex Downs near Newbury, Berkshire and transport animals around for live shows. There is a list of events on their page. Website Email: Phone: 07780 654348 or 01635 579878


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