Cambridge Council Says NO to Foie Gras!

foie-gras production
After proposing a motion to ban Foie gras on council property (in October, last year) Animal Rights Cambridge have received good news. Councillor Andy Blackhurst has confirmed that the foie-gras ban is “implicit” in the council’s Freedom Food Motion. The motion regulates council catering of eggs and poultry meat.

Spokesperson for Animal Rights Cambridge, Rachel Mathai , said this is great news – the council has given their official seal of disapproval to this cruel trade. All credit to councillor Lewis Herbert for initiating the motion.

Councillor Margaret Wright (who supported the campaign from the outset) said, the Green Party….are delighted with this result. The cruelty involved in Foie Gras production is totally unacceptable.

The initial proposal from Animal Rights Cambridge was a total ban of Foie Gras on all council premises and land. However the motion only covers council catering/events. Although this doesn’t go far enough…… least it’s a step in the right direction. We hope the council will build on this positive start and make that ban on all council property. said Miss Mathai.


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