AstraZeneca Day of Action – KuDOS Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge

KuDOs Gif
AstraZeneca Day of Action - Jan 2010

Protesters were back  at KuDOS Pharmaceuticals (410 Cambridge Science Park, Milton Road, Cambridge, CB4 0PE)  in support of SHAC’s AstraZeneca Day of Action. Kudos is owned by  AstraZeneca a top customer of the most exposed animal lab in the world Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Campaigners also took the time to highlight the recent case of AstraZeneca withholding info about adverse side effects of their anti-depressant Seroquel.

The protesters were joined by a photographer from the local paper. We will use all tools at our disposal to expose HLS and its supporters, take note  AstraZeneca!

The police arrived and seemed OK at first later, however, they showed their true colours! 1212 Jon Capes told two  activists that they were to be reported for a summons for ‘aggravated trespass’. Then Capes bullied an elderly lady for her details claiming she had committed ‘anti-social behaviour’ by politely expressing her views on the megaphone. Earlier in the protest she asked 2337 Mark Deal if what she was doing on the megaphone was OK to which he replied it was. Deal was also with the protest for a extended time and made no objections throughout!

Campaigners are ready for a long fight. There is now a site dedicated to the campaign against KuDOs Pharmaceuticals 

We have also identified two companies that supply KuDOS, they are  Home Delivery Network and Quality Care Cleaning Limited. We hope supporters will take the time to contact them and ask them not to deal with KuDOs until AstraZeneca drops HLS!

Here’s the contact details:

1) Home Delivery Network

Customer Services

Home Delivery Network Ltd
Phoenix House
Moorgate Road
L33 7RX

Miscellaneous Email:

PR Email:

Freephone Telephone:
0800 0515506
0808 1010001
0808 1010003
0808 1010004

Complaints Line:
0151 290 8500

PR Contacts:
Ruth Grundy

Phone: +44 (0)161 2350307

Deborah Smith
PR & Campaign Manager (HDN)
Phone: +44 (0)1512908656
Mobile: 07799 713992

2) Quality Care Cleaning Limited

Copley Hill Business Park
Cambridge Road

Phone: 01223 833300
Fax: 01223 837362

See ya’ soon Kudos Pharmaceuticals!


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