A Snowy protest at KuDOs Pharmaceuticals

Snowy KuDOs Protest

Protesters were back at KuDOs Pharmaceuticals (410 Cambridge Science Park Milton Road Cambridge CB4 0PE), subsidiary of AstraZeneca, not only to remind them about  AstraZeneca’s dirty dealings with the notorious Huntingdon Life Sciences but also, this time, to build Snowy the snowman/protester!

Snowy was to shy to speak however the other activists made up for his lack of vocalisation letting the staff at KuDOs know all about the 500 animals killed inside HLS each and every day of the year.

A member of the public approached the campaigners and was very interested in the issues raised especially the topics relating to the human health aspects of the anti-animal testing argument. We let him know about the call for a scientific evaluation and also gave him a leaflet about the SHAC campaign.

A NETCU 4×4 eventually arrived on the scene, clearly KuDOs were annoyed by Snowy’s  campaigning style! The protesters explained to the police they were doing nothing wrong and continued demonstrating.

After a while the protesters (except Snowy) left the area. Later protesters when back to check on Snowy, only to find Snowy had been assassinated. Only a snowy pile was left were Snowy once stood, clearly Snowy’s protesting was to much for KuDOs! The activists took the opportunity to once again name and shame KuDOs before heading off.

The fight will continue until HLS is no more and all are free. KuDOs you know what to do, tell your bosses at  AstraZeneca to drop HLS now!


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