AstraZeneca Day of Action

A small protest was held on November 27, 2009 outside KuDOS Pharmaceuticals (410 Cambridge Science Park, Milton Road, Cambridge, CB4 0PE) a wholly owned subsidiary of AstraZeneca as part of the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) week of action.
This was our first visit to the site and was a small introduction to us for KuDOS. We left them in no doubt about the cruelty and exploitation that goes on inside the worlds most exposed laboratory Huntingdon Life Sciences.
While AstraZeneca continues to deal with the sinking ship that is HLS all their subsidiaries, suppliers and customers are targets for protest. AstraZeneca knows about HLS falsification of data, their history of breaching even the current toothless animal welfare laws and the fact they kill animals for products like GMOs and food additives. AstraZeneca time to drop HLS!
A police car rushed to the scene coming screeching to a hold beside us (must of been the ‘extremist’ way we held our banner!). A female officer came out and called for another cop who arrived shortly after in another car. The police woman admitted not knowing the law in regards to protest going as far as admitting one of the activists probably knew more then she did! The other cop then asked to see the activists copy of the Police Operational Handbook to look up Section 14! Really cops these days!
We then did a very quick stop off at Staples to let them know they have not been forgotten before heading to the city centre to do an animal rights stall getting the word out to a receptive public.
We would like to thank our comrade from Newcastle Animal Rights without whom this day would have not been possible. Newcastle Animal Rights seems to be a motivated new animal rights group with some real determination to take action at it’s core regardless of adversity – thank you to them!


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