SHAC Protest: KuDOS Pharmaceuticals

Protesters headed to KuDOS Pharmaceuticals (410 Cambridge Science Park, Milton Road, Cambridge. CB4 0PE), who are wholly own by AstraZeneca, to remind them it is time they dropped HLS once and for all!
The megaphone was put to good use informing workers about the most exposed lab in the world, killers of 500 animals a day, Huntingdon Life Sciences. HLS has been exposed time and time again for animal cruelty and falsifying data to test products like sweetener, GMOs and agrochemicals but AstraZeneca continues to deal with them.
A van pulled up to deliver something to KuDOs but they were turned away! Clearly KuDOS don’t want their workers to hear the truth about their employers dirty dealings, but we reckon they heard us all the same.
The police, it seems, did not have any real crime to fight as two vans (with sirens and lights), one car and a NETCU 4X4 turned up near the end of the protest. The police woman who admitted not knowing the law on the last demo at KuDOs was in a bad mood telling a campaigner he was ‘taking the piss’ as he was on the last protest as well as this one!
Campaigners started heading off and were stopped by the police again. The police grabbed a campaigner and held him still and asked his details. The campaigner told the officer not to use force against him unless he was arresting him as that was assault and that he was not required to provide details unless suspected of an offence. After a brief conversation the officer let them go saying they now knew who the campaigner was!
Welcome back to NETCU, long time no see in Cambridge! Maybe now you can train the local police and we won’t have to share our NETCU Handbook with them like last time! Until all are free!


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