A welcome to ‘interesting’ visitors!

I just wanted to say a special welcome to our good friends who have been so good as to stop by our website. Site stats show visitors from IP addresses coming from Huntingdon Life Sciences, HLS customer, AZ subsidiary MedImmune, the Biotechnology and Biological Science Research Council and, of course, our great mates at Cambridge Police (based in Huntingdon), NETCU me thinks.

Dear special visitors,
The animal rights movement can never be shut-down. The business community in this time of global economic crisis needs to move away from animal abuse and towards more progressive activities. In particular businesses must take notice of those toxic companies and organizations that are current targets of the global animal rights movement. HLS is a toxic entity and is high risk and will go down. The only question is went and if your companies profits and reputation will be taken with it.
Animal Rights Cambridge will proudly continue to act within the law against all aspects of animal abuse. It is time that NETCU and its Cambridge response unit are disbanded, public money should not be wasted on peaceful protest and there should not be additional funds for investigating animal rights campaigners. Funds used to protect multinationals could be used to look after the people of Cambridge.
If you are a regular police officer, look no further than NETCU for why there is not any money to investigate assaults, rape and murders in your area. Funds are being wasted on policing small, peaceful protests and responding to every whim of corporations even when it means misusing the law to do so.
We hope those of you who are in jobs for companies that still abuse animals will consider passing information to the movement. This can be done directly or via a site like Wikileaks. All information is helpful from company information to cases of abuse that should be highlighted.
Don’t care about animals but still have some bad practice you want to share about your annoying boss? Just do it!
Thanks once again for visiting, see you soon,
Animal Rights Cambridge


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