Vigil for International Animal Rights Day

Animal Rights Cambridge joined with people from across the world in commemoration of the International Animal Rights Day. The group held a candlelight vigil in Cambridge city centre on 10th Dec for the millions of animals world-wide who are exploited at human hands.
The International Day calls for the recognition of the basic rights of animals via a Universal Declaration of Animal Rights. Groups representing hundreds of people across the world have signed the declaration.
According to an Animal Rights Cambridge spokesperson, the day coincides with the anniversary of the ratification of the UN Declaration of Human Rights, we feel that animal and human rights are linked. There is a proven association between cruelty to animals and violence against people. Like Martin Luther King said, Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.
The spokesperson said that people from many different walks of life support animal rights and are animal rights campaigners. Rich and poor, black and white, students and childcare professionals – compassionate people who support the right of all beings to live without the fear of torture and abuse.
To sign the Universal Declaration of Animal Rights go to:


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