McLibel McVictory Protest 2009

A small number of activists from Animal Rights Cambridge gathered to celebrate the anniversary of the now famous McLibel Victory in 1997,and in celebration of a smaller local victory after an activist was cleared in court after a protest was held inside McDonalds in 2008.
The activists were there to point out that today McDonalds hasn’t really changed. McDonalds owns 61,500 shares in arms company ITT, still causes damage to the environment and is still responsible for animal cruelty. The company also has involvement with Israel and workers issues so a lot of people are not lovin’ it.
When activists arrived they noticed two bouncers at the doors. The campaigners were asked to stand the other side of the path next to other shops by the McSecurity. However, somehow the activists thought the idea of protesting outside unrelated shops was a bad one and the McRequest was ignored!
The activists got lots of information out and people took leaflets. The campaigners also used the megaphone to good effect, making it clear why they were there. It seems lots of people know about the issues with McDonalds and the activists were well received.
The police turned up and said that an activist should stop filming the McSecurity. The cop went on about the Public Order Act and ‘breach of the peace’. However, the officer didn’t seem to have much of an answer when the Police Operational Handbook was pulled out, except to continue to repeat his baseless claims.
The campaigners hope people will continue to oppose McDonalds and continue to let people know about the issues from the perspective of different movements and groups.


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