Activists’ Midwinter Gathering, The Portland Arms 15th December

£200 raised for Hillside Animal Sanctuary. Performances by: Lenny Marignier Art, Love & Liberate, Rebel Icons, Primeval Soup, and others

 Our very own Animal Rights Cambridge band taking to the stage at benefit Love & Liberate
Animal Rights Protests Photography's photo.
Animal Rights Protests Photography's photo.
Animal Rights Protests Photography's photo.
Animal Rights Protests Photography's photo.
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Cambridge against AstraZeneca Planning

A ‘record’ breaking number of campaigners turned up to watch a ‘giant mouse’ being injected followed by a candle lit vigil in Cambridge.

The visual stunt took place at the weekend in which a giant mouse “injected” a vivisector with a giant plastic syringe. Activists wearing lab coats and lab masks held up placards, chanting and leafleting the public to raise awareness about International Animal Rights Day and AstraZeneca. A candle lit vigil followed.

CAP (Cambridge against AstraZeneca Planning) and NOAV (National Operation Anti Vivisection) held the event to mark International Animal Rights Day. It was focussed on the animals destined for the new AstraZeneca headquarters and lab planned for Cambridge.

CAP and NOAV both oppose AstraZeneca’s plans to build a facility in Cambridge.

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British HeartLESS Foundation – Halloween day of Action – CAMBRIDGE

12042967_1802283003332146_6254318241736615541_nJoin the Cambridge demo for the British Heartless Foundation’s national day of action this Halloween – exposing the horrors of animal experiments carried out by BHF.

BHF abuse the generous nature and kindness of those that donate and raise money for them by using a large proportion of these monies directly to fund cruel and unnecessary animal experiments – including testing on DOGS, HORSES, SHEEP and PIGS.

Please join the demo on Halloween from 11 am Saturday 31st October  to help raise awareness and let BHF know that this is not acceptable.

Gruesome fancy dress welcomed – as it is Halloween!11224357_1802283063332140_273261042603085766_n

BHF Cambridge, 10 Burleigh Street, Cambridge, CB1 1DG

The Big Debate: Animals in Experiments at Cambridge University

30 October at 7:00-9:00pm (subject to change)
Venue: Friends Meeting House, 12 Jesus Lane, Cambridge CB5 8BA
Hosted by Cambridge Young Greens

The University of Cambridge is notorious for its extensive use of animals in experiments. Last year alone, the University used nearly 170,000 animals in research – that’s over 450 every day (Home Office, 2014).

The animals used range from mice, rats, guinea pigs and fish to larger mammals like sheep, horses and primates.

The Cambridge Young Greens are hosting this iconic event which will see opposing scientists and political campaigners debate the issues surrounding the use of animals in experiments. It’s the first time something like this has taken place at Cambridge University outside of the student body…a real moment in history!

Is using animals a vital part of University research? Is it ever acceptable to use another being for scientific progress? Our panelists seek to outline their own perspectives on these questions…

The Panelists are:

FOR the use of animals –

Dr Stefano Plucino MD, PhD – Cambridge University Lecturer in Brain Repair. Honorary Consultant in Neurology. Wellcome Trust-Medical Research Council Stem Cell Initiative. Has used primates and rodents in his research, with a particular interest in central nervous system degenerative diseases like MS

Tom Holder BA Politics, Philosophy & Economics – Campaigns Manager at Understanding Animal Research. Founder of the campaign groups Pro-Test and Speaking of Research, which advocate the use of animals in scientific research

AGAINST the use of animals –

Dr Andre Menache BSc(Hons) BVSc MRCVS – Scientific Adviser for the Anti-Vivisection Coalition and CEO of Antidote Europe. Dr Menache currently sits on two animal ethics committees in Geneva and Belgium.

Dr Caroline Allen MA, VetMB, CertSAM, MRCVS – Clinical Director for a group of Veterinary Surgeons in London. Spokesperson and Policymaker for the Green Party’s animal issues.

We look forward to this exciting and historic event – please share widely and prepare questions!